About the Band
Bob's Brother's Band
John Barrett
Tim Hayes
Paul Phillips
Gerry Paganin
Dan Winslow
Dave Sharman
Steve Harrison
Alan "Durf" Durfee

Bobís Brotherís Band started inconspicuously in August of 2004.  While planning for the 2004 Avon Corn Festival, someone mentioned that Bobís brother had a band that could fill one of the slots at the festival.  That left it up to John Barrett (Bobís brother) to gather some musicians and play at the festival.  John doesnít let little things like not actually having a band prevent him from taking the gig.  John loves to play! The inaugural gig included John, Paul, Don, and Dave, with Kyle Leonard on guitar and vocals, and Jared Hobbs on drums.  Since that time the band has been having a great time entertaining crowds with their own flavor of classic rock and soul.   In addition to having a great time playing music, the band is also involved in a variety of  community service  efforts.

Contact us:
John Barrett585.226.2715
Dave Sharman: 585.797.7756
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