John Barrett
Bob's Brother's Band

John is Bobís brother, so it must be his band.  John is the founding member and positive force behind the band.  No, that isnít Joe Cocker singing, itís John Barrett.


Role in the band 

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Roadie, band mismanagement



I have been playing guitar for many years on my own but this has been my first opportunity to play in an established band.  I also play in church with the praise band along with Paul and Don where Paulís daughter named us ďGodís Brotherís BandĒ


Main influences

 Jimi Hendrix is the artist that made me want to play guitar.  I enjoy listening to great blues players such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and BB King. I also love Country Music which gets me nothing but grief from the rest of the band.


Favorite song(s) that the band plays         

Stormy Monday, Temptation Eyes, Seven Bridges Road, Running on Empty.


Favorite thing about playing in Bobís Brotherís Band  

Playing and learning from the fabulous musicians in this band.  I am way behind musically to the rest of the members and it has helped my playing and understanding of basic music theory immensely playing with this kind of talent.


Favorite gear

Fender Stratocaster and Peavey Amp. I also  play a Takamine G series Acoustic during the show.


Bob's Brother's Band
About the Band 
John Barrett
Dave Sharman
Gerry Paganin
Paul Phillips
Dan Winslow
Tim Hayes
Adrianna Noone
Alan "Durf" Durfee
Steve Harrison

Russ Flint

Bernie Pernot

Don Loy
Bill Christiano
Beth Ippolito