Beth Ippolito
Bob's Brother's Band

Beth is a dynamic performer with a real feel for music that was frequently created before she was.  


Role in the Band

Singer, Tambourine, Cowbell (cause everyone’s got a fev-ah!), and when desperate, guitar.



I’ve always loved singing.  When I was little, we used to drive to Florida, 21 hours straight.  I got a lot of culture in the world of the Dave Clark 5, the Beatles, assorted Motown, Huey Lewis and the News, and the like, from my father.  I would sit in the back seat and make my parents turn the radio up loud, so that I could sing along quietly, assuming no one could hear me.  This was a delusion.  Everyone could hear me.  It made me feel better to assume they couldn’t (I was shy.  What changed?).  When I was 10, I joined chorus, and I loved it, because then I could sing louder, without worry of people being able to hear just me.  At 12, I started singing in solo festivals.  It was around this time that the Dark Ages of my taste in music began.  Much of the modern pop of the late nineties (NOT New Kids on the Block…..I had to draw the line) made its way into my CD collection.  I have since given much away, or sold them for a dollar at garage sales, thus reclaiming my self respect.  Anyway, many Italian arias and 2 years at Eastman’s Community Education Division later, I was more okay with singing louder by myself.  After that, I took a vocal hiatus (aka – college).  Much of my singing was done in my car, or (post 21st birthday) at the live music nights at the Geneseo bars.  Dave can attest to these occasional pub atrocities.  I began playing music with my father in 2001, and we formed a small band called Reflection in 2002 (myself, my dad and mom, and Ron, a friend and former bandmate of my dad’s.  Think Partridge family with distortion on the guitar).  New Year’s of 2004, my dad volunteered me to sing with this group of guys, who’s singer couldn’t make the gig (he knew I was single and sans plans).  It turned out to be the best plans I could have asked for.


 Main Influences:

The above mentioned bands, plus The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, The Allman brothers, Billy Joel, The Temptations, the Four Seasons, Three Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, and of course, Gershwin.


 Favorite songs:

Hot Smoking Gun, Seven Bridges Road, Lady Madonna, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, Get Ready, Signed Sealed Delivered, and Out with the Girls


Favorite Gear:

Dave’s Wah Wah pedal.  And the cowbell.

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