Tim Hayes
Bob's Brother's Band

 Tim needed to find a way to relieve the pressures of being a school principal.  So, he became a singer in a Rock Ďní Roll band.  It worked so well that Tim has now been named Superintendent of Schools.  Good choice Tim.


Role in the band

Lead and Background Vocals



Born and raised in Avon, NY. Wife Carole and kids Andrew, Patrick, Collin, and Kathleen.   Middle/High School Principal at Geneseo Central School.  Taught science and coached a variety of sports before moving into the principalship and then the superintendent position.


Main influences

Always loved to sing.  No formal training.  Grew up harmonizing with the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, and many of the folk singers of the 60ís and 70ís.  Celtic music and church music are strong influences.  Sang in the church folk group as a kid.  Did some musicals in grade school, high school, and college years.  I still do a lot of singing in church.


Favorite song(s) that the band plays

Iím a 70ís kid so the Eagles, Jackson Brown, Billy Joel, Springsteen, and all the classic rock and Motown tunes are my kind of music.  I really enjoy the tunes we do that are thick with harmonies.  I love singing lead on Brown-Eyed Girl because the entire audience likes to sing along.


Favorite thing about playing in Bobís Brotherís Band

This is a fun group of very talented musicians.  I have always wanted to sing in a band but have never been able to find the time.  I call singing in the band my mid-life crisis and my wife is OK with it since it doesnít involve other women or fast cars.  Thereís nothing like playing live music to a great audience.  My kids even enjoy our gigs!


Favorite gear                                          

The Microphone!!

Bob's Brother's Band
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