Gerry Paganin
Bob's Brother's Band

 Gerry drives the band from the throne. If you can’t dance with Gerry on the drums, you may have an untreatable affliction.


Role in the Band

Starter and stopper of songs



I’ve been playing a long time -  ‘many moons’ as they say in the westerns.  Also did a stint with St. Joe’s Drum Corps


Main Influences                                               

Chicago (I wore out Side 2 of Chicago II), Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Eagles, Allman Brothers, Traffic, Yes, Steely Dan, Jackson Brown, Pink Floyd, The Hoboz


Favorite Songs That the Band Plays            

60’s /Motown Stuff, Anything by Van Morrison


Favorite Thing About Playing with Bob’s Brother’s Band

Fun Bunch of Very talented People.


Favorite Gear                                                  

The ‘non-union’ horns

Bob's Brother's Band
About the Band 
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Gerry Paganin
Paul Phillips
Dan Winslow
Tim Hayes
Adrianna Noone
Alan "Durf" Durfee
Steve Harrison

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