Steve Harrison
Bob's Brother's Band

Steve splits drum duties with Gerry and gives the band the luxury of having two of the best drummers in the area.  He also has the coolest rehearsal space.

Role in the Band

Boom ... teh ....boom boom .... teh ... boom ... teh ....boom boom .... teh ... boom ... teh ....boom boom .... teh ... boom ... teh ....boom boom .... teh ... boom ... teh ....boom boom .... teh ... boom ... teh ....boom boom .... teh




Started out with boxes in the basement and finally graduated to a garage where Iíve been ever since. (My parents were very supportive ... of the move.) Bands: Olde Suede, Quarter Moon, Legacy.


Main Influences

My parents always had music playing in our home and even though it wasnít my style, I think it definitely developed my ear and sense of rhythm. Growing up during the British Invasion was truly cool and is a major reason for playing in this band. (I know these tunes.... I lived these tunes.)


John Bonham to me was the greatest rock Ďn roll drummer ever. What he did just with his right foot, was incredible. I do listen to all sorts of music, but love to listen to jazz drumming .... lots of freedom and expression.


Favorite Songs the Band Plays

 Moondance, because I donít keep the beat on this one too much (thanks, Don), but play it with Ďlots of freedom and expressioní. (Where did I read that?)

 Run Away is a real close second, because I believe this song is going to evolve the more we play it.

 Under the Boardwalk, thanks to Paul.


Favorite Things About Playing in Bobís Brotherís Band

What started out as a few musicians getting together for fun and now look. To see a dance floor get crowded. Some of our special choreography.


Favorite Gear

My old set of Rogerís drums. (They never get miked.)

Bob's Brother's Band
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