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Alan ‘Durf’ Durfee

Classic Rock 'n Soul for All Occassions

Durf has the unenviable task of keeping us balanced.  A hard act for anyone, but he’s up to the task.

Role in the Band

Sound Reinforcement, backup Bass player (for the 1 time Don ever missed a job), Roadie and Stage Security ( for those wannabee musicians)


Been involved with bands since the age of 14.  My first introduction to guitars was by an old music director at Warsaw Central School. He told me that I had to learn the Bass guitar over a summer vacation so I could replace a graduating senior in the Sr. High Jazz Band.  Soon after that, I started playing with Country Bands in local establishments and  learned very quickly that this was fun, potentially profitable  and very educational on what you can see from the stage perspective…… Over the next few years studied Studio Sound Recording in college and worked with various bands playing bass and doing sound from then till now (many years of it).  When the opportunity to join the best party band from Avon came around, I could not refuse to miss out on this opportunity.

Main Influences

Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Eagles and Rush

Favorite Songs the Band Plays

All Chicago, Doobie Brothers  and Eagles songs

Favorite Things About Playing in Bob’s Brother’s Band

The opportunity to make this band sound the best they can every night.

Favorite Gear

Subs and JBL speakers …….