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Bernie Pernot

Classic Rock 'n Soul for All Occassions

Bernie and Paul combine to give us nearly unlimited instrumental options.  One may be playing a classic piano or organ part will the other adds horns, strings, pedal steel, or other parts.  So cool!

Role in the Band

Keyboards with some lead and back-up vocals.  Always enjoy helping out when I can.


It’s my mom and dad’s fault….My dad played drums when he was little and played for about 40 years. Both my parents encouraged me to play something…. I tried the drums – not for me…bass – nope…. guitar – not really feeling it….My dad played in a wedding group with an accordion player… this is where it starts. Took accordion lessons for a few years, but that wasn’t working long term…. I bought a Moog/Cordovox combo organ and switched to that. Then saved up and bought a Mark II Rhodes, took some piano lessons and my band journey began.

I was playing in northeast PA in a wedding party group from 15yrs old until I graduated from Penn State with my tech degree. I moved to Rochester, got married, had children, back in school at night, and played in a local wedding party group for a few years until something had to go –music…. At least on hold.

Fast forward a few years…A few folks at church wanted to start a worship group in about 2006. I was asked to play. The timing was right. Through the drummer in our church group, I met Dan Winslow and we started a jazz project which was challenging and fun. Played for a few years….needed a drummer… added Steve Harrison… and in the meantime, BBB needed a sub from time to time….Well, that is how I became a member of the family…Thanks for the opportunities, Paul…… lots of fun.

Main Influences

My heroes……. Tony Banks (Genesis) and David Benoit…. These guys are amazing. Also love the influences of the Doobie Brothers, Supertramp, Rush, Genesis (of course), Steve Hackett, Yes, Asia, Billy Joel, Boston, The Cars, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Journey, Styx, Steve Winwood and Earth Wind & Fire.

Favorite Songs the Band Plays

Set Fire to the Rain….. Great opportunity to share the piano and strings…
Uptown Funk…. I get to use my synths and horns
Chicago tunes….Just fun to play
Free/Into the Mystic….. Violin opportunities
Lowdown…. Always loved this song….. wore out 2 records when I was a kid

Favorite Things About Playing in Bob’s Brother’s Band

I am blessed to have met such a great group of musicians and at the same time making great music together.

Favorite Gear

I have a Nord Stage 2 – HA88, Yamaha XS8, and its little brother the XS6 (much easier on the back). I really enjoy the ease of changing voices on the Nord. Some of my favorite voices on the Nord include the piano, mellotron voices, synth options, easy effects that can applied to many voices and the B3 with a leslie effect.

The Yamaha boards have the nicest strings, pretty decent horns (can’t replace the real thing) and excellent vintage keyboard sounds. Rhodes, Wurlitzer, DX, C2, lush synths, Moog, Oberheim, and the ability to layer 4 voices and control volumes on the fly… complete with beautiful expressions on the voices.