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Dan Winslow

Classic Rock 'n Soul for All Occassions

Dan handles the bass duties for BBB and has a true passion for playing.  Just ask his wife, who is wondering just how many bands can Dan play with at once.

Role in the Band

Bass Guitar & back-up vocals (I love a fifth harmony!)


I started on trumpet in 4th grade.  Bought my first guitar in 9th grade..so long trumpet!  Played six-string guitar in various bands through high-school, college and after turned to playing bass while jamming with “The New Vibration Society” doing smooth and free-form jazz.  At the same time I had the good fortune of playing wedding and party gigs with a fantastic drummer, Steve Harrison in “Quarter Moon“.  Played a lot of different gigs since..everything from jazz, country, rock to contemporary Christian.  I also had the good fortune of hooking up with a great guitarist, Dave Sharman and some other great musicians on Craigslist to form a short-term jazz gig which eventually lead to filling in with “BBB“!

Main Influences

Smooth Jazz and Latin Jazz…there’s so much I can’t begin to list it all!

Favorite Songs the Band Plays

Moondance, all of the Soul stuff, Steely Dan’s Black Friday..I should stop here..It’s ALL good!

Favorite Things About Playing in Bob’s Brother’s Band

The band is made up of a group of GREAT personalities/musicians (both past & present)!

Favorite Gear

My current equipment..an Ibanez 5-string (took a while to get used to the bottom B but I would be lost without it now!) and a MarcBass twin-ten cabinet and Little-Marc II head – the lightest weight with biggest sound rig on the market!