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Classic Rock 'n Soul for All Occassions

Here are a few comments we’ve received.  If you would like to have a comment posted, please email it to dsharman585@gmail.com

Events and Benefits

Pure Joy! Amazing food, totally sated without gastronomic overload. Perfect weather- 70’s, breeze, distant storm brewing- excellent! After dinner, many delicious treats in the tasting room. Then- to my surprise and utter delight- the band that performed whilst we sipped our Jammin Red was AMAZING!!! Started with seriously Old WHO music- Substitute, Can’t Explain, and ended with Uptown Funk! Best part? TOTALLY nailed all of it! Wow! If this is what I work for all year, I shall joyfully keep working!

Lisa Michelle Waters
Commenting on Glenora Wine Cellar’s 2016 Leaves and Lobster event

Bob’s Brother’s Band ROCKED the Village Park in Geneseo last night.  Thank you for a very special and memorable evening of EXCELLENT music.  You have been our opening band for 8 years now.  This was the best performance and best selection of music yet!  You guys keep getting better and better, and Geneseo loves you.

As our committee sat there, taking in the soundtrack of our lives and looking around the park, we were very happy and gratified.  We saw families having a wholesome time, friends chatting and tapping their toes while singing along, and young and old enjoying a beautiful evening, surrounded by a vibrant community.  This is just what we imagined our Summer Concert Series to be, 8 years ago.

We can’t thank you enough for your energy, creativity and exceptional skills in playing good ol’ rock ‘n roll.  You guys (and girl) embody what it means to enjoy live music.  And you keep “changing it up” year after year.  Simply amazing.

The Geneseo Summer Concert Committee
Dick Gallivan, Sandy Brennan, Kathryn FitzSimmons, Tim Brinduse

Dave, John and your colleagues,

Thank you for the wonderful entertainment you provided for the Arnot Health Gala!
I can’t thank you enough for helping to make the night a success.

I heard many complements on your music choices and ability to engage the crowd.
It was a pleasure getting to know everyone.

Warm Regards,
Merry and Dr.  Al Devlin , Co-Chairs of event


Thanks Dave for the links.  Your band was amazing, thank you so much. We really enjoyed your music, it was perfect for the occasion.  Don’t know what our plans are for next year but I’ll stay in touch,  Alene

Alene Goodman
Arnot Health – Children’s Miracle Network


WOW!!! We loved every minute of Saturday evening, Feb. 5th Bob’s Brother’s Band performing for our fundraiser for the Geneseo Teresa House Comfort Care Home. 185 people danced the night away for a great cause… we could not have done it without you… THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your generous, high spirits are contagious… until next year, same time, same place…

With Best Regards,
Kate Kingsley and all your friends at the Teresa House


Bob’s Brother’s Band is the best! We have booked them 2 years in a row for the Hunt Ball and plan on having them again in 2010! They are great to work with and provide wonderful entertainment for all! They play a great variety of music for all ages. I would highly recommend them for any event large or small.

Erin Bordley – GVH Hunt Ball Chairperson  (Note: BBB has now played this event each year since 2008)


Dear John,

I am long, long overdue to write you and all the members of your band. I have no excuse except that I can’t seem to sit down.

I want to tell you all that I was overcome when you played a Viennese Waltz- and then you said that it was for me! I was transcended! I was waltzing when it had become impossible; no one-no band-knew how to play a Viennese Waltz. I had begged every group to please, just play one. They didn’t even in The Pierre Hotel in New York City, they didn’t, and you did!

I have never been happier and didn’t thank you properly because I was in another world. But I’m thanking you all now.

Thank You, Thank You.
You are the best!

Martha D. Wadsworth – Master of the Foxhounds – Genesee Valley Foxhunt


I just wanted to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” for being a part of the benefit that we put on for the Smith Family. I have only received rave reviews regarding your band. It was a special night with all of Mamie’s family and friends coming together in her support. Your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed!!! Just when you think people have given all that they can you find special group of people who are willing to give even more.

Again Thank you,
Tina, Heather and Committee


Great music, great vocals with a ton of energy and connection to the audience. You have people bounding out their seats to dance. Thanks for your wonderful performances over the past years at our community sponsored Avon Saturday Nights Out-Downtown. You have helped us to realize a goal of bringing intergenerational family entertainment to Avon.

Phil Swanson
Organizer- Avon Saturday Nights Outs Downtown
Avon Downtown Merchants Assoc.


From the Genesee Valley Penny Saver

A huge Thank You to Avon’s own Bob’s Brother’s Band who donated their time and talent at a benefit concert for AIDS orphans in South Africa. The band helped to raise over $5,000 for the Organization GDCU. For more information about AIDS orphans in South Africa, visit GDCU.org

Bob’s Brother’s Band recently played at a benefit concert at Milestones for the Rochester Irish Festival. The band, the only non-traditional Irish band that played, brought down the house! Typically the Irish organizations ask Irish bands to play at benefits and this time we decided to break out of that mode a bit and we were not disappointed! The band is a lot of fun and plays a great variety of music, and had people singing and dancing along. The Irish community would like to thank Bob’s Brother’s Band for a “rockin” good time and for giving up a beautiful Sunday afternoon to help support the Rochester Irish Festival ( I think we may even have Bob’s brother interested in learning a new “Irish” instrument!)

– Betsy Prince, Event Organizer


Bob’s Brother’s Band is a great mix of talents that allows them to cover a lot of material. They have fun doing it too. As the director of entertainment for the Avon Summer Festival, I appreciate groups that are flexible and easy to work with. Such is the case with B.B.B. They’re a great group of people with a fun band. GO CHECK THEM OUT!

Bill Christiano –Entertainment Director, Avon Summer Festival


As we were looking for a band to fulfill our billing for a fundraising benefit at Milestones on 10/1, we came across Bob’s Brother’s Band. The name alone shouted FUN and they certainly backed it up with their performance. Not only were they musically talented and adept at working the crowd, all the band members were professional and supportive; really sinking their teeth into partnering with us in making the event a super success! We appreciate that they highlighted our benefit in their fan newsletter as well as promoted it at their 9-5 gigs. I look forward to collaborating with them again for future events! Tell Bob, his brother’s band ROCKS!

– Barbara Marianetti—Mini Monster Productions and Promotions


I finally got the chance to see Bob’ Brother’s Band on Memorial Day Weekend at Milestone’s in Rochester at a fundraiser to benefit the Rochester Irish Festival. They were fantastic from start to finish. There was so much energy and talent from each member of the band. I knew every song they played, from Van Morrison to Wild Cherry. They make you want to get up and dance!! And if you look carefully at their song list on the website you may be able to scam a beer when they ask you a trivia question.

Christine Crafts



Thank you so much for playing our wedding! It was a blast! We have had countless complements and inquiries about you guys…the crowd was thoroughly impressed, as were we! We were hoping to get everyone on the dance floor, and that was certainly accomplished!

We also wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to learn a few extra songs for us…that meant the world to us both. Our first dance could not have been more perfect!!!

The photos you guys posted are fantastic! Special shout-out to the photographer…that was such a nice surprise! I can’t wait to send those to friends and family.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon. I wish we could come to your show at the Switz in August, but we will be on our honeymoon!  We will certainly be sending some people in our place 🙂

Thank you again! You are amazing!

Steph & Mike Lipari


Nick and I wanted to thank you personally and your band for the most PERFECT wedding that we ever could have imagined – it was absolutely wonderful and we owe it all to you and the band! The music was phenomenal and we will truly treasure these memories for a lifetime. Thank you for making our wedding day complete, it was a dream come true!!

Best regards,


BBB, you guys brought down the house!

I couldn’t believe that the tables stayed empty and the dance floor stayed packed the whole night! The synergy your group brings together is phenomenal, and your repertoire is awesome! We have continued to hear good things about our reception from family, friends of friends and other guests since the party! I couldn’t believe that almost no one left to the very end! Our theory is: the recipe for a good reception is good food + good people + good music + and an open bar, the rest is trivial! … And you guys brought the good music in a great way! We are very grateful to have you a part of our special day and look forward to catching some of your concerts when we’re in town!

Thanks again!

Magda and Mark


Thank you – Thank you – Thank you. You guys ROCKED!! Every one of every age LOVED the dancing. Will Wadsworth at Sweet Briar said you were the first band to make his dance floor look that small and the way you did Carley and Jer’s song was beautiful and Doug Sr had the dance of his life with his daughter. I will never be able to thank you enough. You have BIG fans!!



Dave and all the Band,

Thank you so much for playing at Ryan and Jodi’s celebration. You were all FANTASTIC and we appreciate everything you did to make it so special!! John did an excellent job singing their song and learning it on such short notice. You should continue to include it in your song list. Thank you also for sending the links. The pictures are great. I am at work right now and can’t wait to get home to view the Youtube video.

Everything was great, Thank you all so much!!!



Hey guys-

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for playing at our wedding. You were so fantastic and the music MADE the night. I will recommend you over and over and over again!

Laura Teller


I want to thank you so much for playing at our kids wedding on Sept 23rd. It was fantastic!! We had a great time. Hope you did too! It would not have been the same without you guys. A great big KUDO for learning “Free Bird” It was great! Hope to see you guys play again soon.

Patty Sorel


General Comments

It was a lot of fun returning to the old home town. Your band is great! Very eclectic mix of songs, never know what’s coming next! Congrats to them all

– Bob Kosty, Your Daddy’s Rock ‘n Roll


Enjoyed Bob’s Brother’s Band so much. The song selection, singing and instrumentation were right on. So glad to have had the opportunity to see them in person. Hope to need them at an event someday because they are amazing. If you need good music, book this band!



Just a note to tell you what a wonderful time we had sun., even without loy there. Perfect weather and the band is just kick ass. We shall always be triple b’s groupies! We also thought you could call it -bob’s brother’s BOOMER band! Thanks again for a most awesome day.

ellyn and jeff chafitz


You guys are Great!!!! Had a great time Feb. 14th.. Thanks for playing MUSTANG SANDY!!!!

– The Warsaw, NY Gang


This band rocks!!! It’s the only cover band we’ve booked that when someone screams out Free Bird they actually play it…and play it well!

Erich Dobson
Marketing Director
Swain Resort



Just wanted to give you some feedback on Sat. night. EVERYONE LOVED THE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you may have picked up some groupies!!!
They are all talking about the website and the pictures. Everyone loved the music and will be watching the website to see where you will be playing next!!

Mary DeGroat



Now I know the REAL reason you were picked to be the Supt. –you can JAM!!!
Seriously, I really enjoyed your performance tonight and I found myself thinking…”how many schools can say their principal/Supt. gets up on stage and performs and the kids LOVE it???!!”
Thanks for sharing your talent and enthusiasm with all of us, Tim.

– Comments from a Geneseo parent


Bob’s Brother’s Band has quickly become one of our favorite bands to enjoy here at Swain! Their range in talent, style, and musical selection provides something for everyone! Our guests may be tired at the end of a day of skiing and boarding, but everyone seems to get a second wind when they know Bob’s Brother’s Band is going to play, and the Shamut rocks with a room full of happy feet!

– Missy Valento—Swain Ski & Snowboard Resort


A couple of emails received by Janice Barrett after the Swain Ski Patrol Party

We had a great time last night. You all did a wonderful job. I hope everyone got home safely. Tell your husband that we think the band is terrific. Please let us know if he’s scheduled to do the Conesus thing again this year. I told Knobby that when I retire from the patrol I want to have a party and hire his (John’s) band.

– Jean Eldridge

The band was outstanding! We really enjoyed listening to them. Brian (Steve’s son) enjoyed it too. Please thank John for giving him the tour and inviting him up. He was thrilled! Will they be playing anywhere that we could take Brian to see them? Let me know. Have a great summer!

– Steve Duncan


Thank you for making my first annual Turkey Bash a HUGE success! I know that it is the beginning of a great relationship. I loved the new song that you wrote and the comments of your talents are radiating throughout the community. I am also thankful that you let me “think” that I can play tambourine with the band – it was a great time!!! I love being able to say, “I am friends with the band!”

Julie Carney – Carney’s Catering


You guys rock! We had a fabulous time! Music for all ages, crazy dancing and most especially—FREEBIRD !!! (but we had no lighters) Kudos to a memorable night. Many thanks again.

Naosia Hoskins
Avon Teachers Association
Social Committee


When we were working out the details of our 20th anniversary party, we knew that having BBB would make it a great party – people love dancing to you guys, and we have a dancing’ group of friends. We were not disappointed! You guys were great – thanks for all of your energy!

– Meg


If you’re younger than 40, you’ll get to hear good music that doesn’t get played enough. If you’re older than that, it’s like a time machine… a really cool time machine.

– Jim Miceli


As an old friend of the bass player I was aware that a few basement and garage sessions had gotten out of hand and that they actually planned on performing in public! My wife and I showed up at an early gig just for laffs. To our surprise, the band had it together! They were tight, they knew how to play and the songs they covered were the best. At subsequent gigs, their play-list got bigger and they just got better and better! Bob’s Brother’s Band might not be invited to do a Super Bowl Halftime Show, but they’re still darn good!

-Jeffrey J. Chafitz